About Company

The business provider of a new generation of solutions
We do not offer software, hardware or data transmission network, and create solutions to real business efficiency and increase the return on capital. In the context of increased competition and globalization of markets, investors and top management of companies focused on efficiency requires not suppliers of products and technologies, and business partners in the field of information technology, implementing its contribution to the achievement of the stated business goals and business results. It is such a partner is the company “Element 5”. In partnership we share is primarily responsible for achieving the end result, rather than benefits, and personal interests.

What do we offer
“Element 5” – a Russian company specializing in the design and implementation of complex solutions in the field of information technologies for the creation of optimal conditions for achieving business objectives and business results of our customers and partners. “Element 5” has a number of custom products that incorporate best business practices and international quality standards, as well as significant experience in implementing major programs of modernization and transformation in information technology and in the field of business processes and management.

Why choose us
Deep industry specialization we offer solutions and applying best design practices and methodologies to simplify the processes of modernization and make effective and manageable, guaranteeing the quality of the results and the expected return on investment. High culture of project management of different types and sizes can significantly reduce the requirements for the efficient control on the part of customers and partners, thereby reducing management costs without sacrificing quality. Technological flexibility “element 5” is provided by independent third-party vendors, and is focused on creating the best solutions for specific customers.

Based on one of the best teams of experts, architects, analysts, methodologists and technicians, we are working at all levels of processes and efficiency, from corporate governance to the process steps in the production management. Complex ( “vertical”) approach to the analysis of processes and requirements, design solutions allows us to offer the best business solutions at every level of managerial or technological cycle, using the entire arsenal of modern information technologies, platforms, major vendors, making open source and proprietary products.

“Element 5” is always working on the result. In the result, surpassing expectations.