About Company

Е5 is an expert in industry-standard custom software applications design and development, implementation and integration into the Customer’s business, and also subsequent maintenance and further development.

The Company features a highly elaborated development process, wide experience in worldwide project implementation and well-organized customer communication process. Thanks to the above, our customers benefit from reliable software solutions which can be easily isolated, integrated and are open for further development. Our technology stack includes a wide range of vendor and open source platforms available to select the best technical framework for each customer. We have experience of delivery of complex large-scale and heavy-loaded systems.

We offer our Clients and Partners:

  • Services: management of complex project, audit of existing applications, application design and development.
  • Solutions: our extensive knowledge base of past projects allows reducing development time and costs thanks to active re-use of experience and results of similar projects.
  • Products: a range of unique state-of-the-art Company products allowing for high customization according to the Customer’s needs.

Е5 is a young company with a long history. It is young by its age and the energy of the team. At the same time, the Company is mature professionally, with interesting growth and achievements background. Today, the company’s record includes more than 150 successful projects in Russia, USA, UK, Israel, Switzerland, France, and Germany. Our applications have been used by such industry leaders as Unicredit, TNK-BP, Rosneft, GfK and Lukoil for many years. We took part in development of innovative solutions for startups, and also in development of critical and heavy-loaded applications for enterprise customers.

In June of 2007, we created an independent specialized company named “Element 5” (JSC). The company became the successor in all current projects and ensured increased competitiveness of our services and solutions, opening the way to own innovation product development. We have been recognized by the largest home companies as an official supplier and have successfully executed a number of business-critical projects for the Customers. Thanks to our good reputation and quality of our projects, we have managed to retain and expand our presence in the markets of the USA and UK despite the crisis. In Russia, we attracted new customers, among those being state enterprises and public organizations.

Today, the Company actively develops its traditional activities in custom development, and also realizes its potential of offering innovation solutions in the market.